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Save Stories That Matter!

A beautiful & easy-to-use app to save, organize and share stories and memories in private timelines!

All your posts remain private, but they can be easily shared to others by email and other applications!

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You can create many timelines based on your needs in order to organize and filter your post stories efficiently.

Some timeline examples include:
1. Professional and personal projects
2. Notes & Ideas
3. Life experiences
4. Faith Journey
5. Family Time
6. etc…


teMposi iPhone Timelines Preview

Save and organize your post stories by selecting to which timeline you want to post it!

Post stories can have:
1. Text
2. Photo
3. Video (Coming Soon)
4. Voice Notes (Coming Soon)
5. URL Link Preview (Coming Soon)


teMposi iPhone Browse and Share Preview

You can view, search and filter all your posts on the main page.
Clicking on a post will take you to its detailed page.

You can also share your posts to other people! Sharing options include:
1. By Email
2. Other Applications On Your Phone

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